Just the word makes you shudder.  What image does it conjure up for you?

For me, it hits close to home, as I imagine it does for you too.  Currently, there are 3 people in my life fighting some serious cancer ass.  In fact, I just found out about one of them today.  These are normal, hardworking people who, in my humble opinion, excel in their generosity and compassion.  They certainly don’t deserve cancer, but then again, no one really does (ok, except maybe someone like Hitler or Osama Bin Laden does, but anyhow…).

The first person who came out about her cancer is a relative of mine.  She’s my age, super strong, and is fighting with all her might.  She’s kept a remarkably bright attitude and exemplifies, to me, superwoman.

The second person in my life who has cancer is not family, but is the closest thing I’ve got to family outside my actual family.  Does that make sense?  We’re super close.  She’s got a serious form of cancer, but has recently gotten a clean bill of health, so she can take a breather from the chemo and focus on recovery.  She continues to be the supportive, loving mother, grandmother, and friend to all of us.

I learned about another person with cancer today about 5pm, right after I left work.  This person has been the most instrumental person in my recovery from an eating disorder over the last 3 years.  In many ways, she saved my life.  As I spiraled out of control with binge eating disorder, she counseled me and lifted me up to where I am today – fully recovered, happy, and healthy.  So, to learn about her illness really struck a cord.  I’m not sure if I’ll show this blog post to her, but I can safely say that I cannot stop thinking about her and keep bursting out into tears.  Why, you ask?  Because when someone touches you so deeply and changes your life, you want them to have the best things possible in life.  And cancer, my friends, is not one of those things.  You don’t wish it upon anyone and when it impacts the good ones, you question “why, why, why?”

I need all of my readers to put these three strong women in their prayers.  If you’re not religious, channel them in your thoughts or send them good vibrations.  Please.


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