Weiner’s Junk: Sending pix of dix appropriate?

anthony-weiner-weinerWhat is up with this whole Anthony Weiner scandal?  I mean, doesn’t he realize that if you send a photo of your junk to a stranger online that they’re going to end up sharing it with the press?  Pardon the pun, but from what I can piece together, he is a cocky man.

If you’re not familiar with the Weiner scandal, basically, while he was in office, he sent inappropriate photos to women via twitter.  He was found out and resigned, with his wife by his side.  He’s now running for mayor of NYC – arguably one of the most important and prestigious political positions in the US.  Since then, his wife had a child.  And he admits to continuing to sexting several people since he stepped down from political office.  Yep.  One woman alleges that he sent her pictures of his penis along with provocative messages through Facebook.

Did he think wouldn’t get caught?  It’s a power trip.  He must live on the rush – the adrenaline that he gets from the secret flirtation.  Listen, we all feel that when we flirt with someone.  But somehow, this just seems dirty and wrong.  I feel for his wife, as she has stood behind him.  If I were her, I’d feel like a foolish person for sticking by him.  But, I imagine it must be hard to leave someone after you’ve had a child with them.

I hope he does the right thing and stops his campaign for mayor of NYC.  When I think of the significance of past mayors and the achievements they have made, I shudder at the thought of him at the realm.  I could just imagine him trying to reinstate all of the strip clubs that were shut down under Giuliani.  And could you imagine him during a tragedy like 9/11?  Neither can I.  Weiner, do the right thing and step aside.  And for goodness sake, stop sending pix of your junk on social media!

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