Is the thrill of the chase worth it? posted a great read about the thrill of the chase and how it is not all it is cracked up to be.  Think about it.  You chase and chase and chase….and, then, does what you’ve caught live up to your expectations?

In the article, the author refers to Black Friday.  Seriously, if you shop around, you could probably save money on a flat screen TV at other times of the year.  Or, often, when stores offer blockbusters, they usually don’t have more than a few in stock so you end up walking out without the item you went in for or leaving with something else.

It’s really all about the story, right?

“Man, I waited on line all night for that TV!”

“Can you believe I got all of my holiday shopping done already?”

Once you’ve chased, are you happy with what you caught?

The same goes with dating.  You might admire someone from afar for so long and once you catch him or her, you realize something shocking:  she or farts like the rest of us!  Putting something or someone on a pedestal isn’t the smartest move.

If you keep your expectations at a normal pace, you might end up really happy – farts and all!



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