Being Single is a Choice

You know something.  For a while now, I’ve been feeling very defensive about being single and feeling as though it defined me.  But then, a woman named Leslie Talbot reminded me that being single is a choice.

I was just watching a film, Seeking Happily Ever After (by Michelle Cove) that I’ll be reviewing for Singles Warehouse in a few weeks; one of the authors interviewed in the film a fabulous comment.  Leslie Talbot – author of Singular Existence – said that “people are single by choice.”  Talbot went on to say:

Any single one of us can walk out our front door and get married tomorrow if that’s all went want….if all we want is to get married we can do that.  But I think most men and women who are out there who are single are smarter than that.  They realize that it is not really about the imstituion… It’s about finding the right partner.

She’s right.  I could walk outside my door tomorrow and seek a husband.  And with the number of single men in the Boston area, chances are I could find someone to marry.  I mean, I own a home – I have a good job – and I’m curvy.

But I’m not interested in a certificate that offers me shared benefits and half of everything.  What I want is deeper and more meaningful.  I want to find my male counterpart and he is quirky, intelligent, hardworking, and funny.  I don’t care if he waits 1 day or 3 days to call, but I want him to be the person I’m most excited to come home to and tell about my day.  Or, the person I want to sit with on my couch and watch Ray Donovan.  I don’t want it to feel like work or a second job.  I just want it to be.

And the truth is, if I don’t find that, my life is pretty frigin’ awesome as it is.

So, as of now, I choose to be single.


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