Have you dated an “Ethan Blumenthal?”

In the process of writing a review of the film “Blumenthal” for the Boston Jewish Film Festival and JewishBoston.com, I started realizing more and more that I’ve definitely dated the lead character, Ethan.  Or, should I say, an amalgamation of Ethan, as I saw many components of the men I’ve dated over the years in him.

blumenthal1Let’s dissect, shall we?

1.  Ethan is Jewish.

Yes, many of the men I’ve dated over the years have been Jewish.  That one’s easy.

2. Ethan is a bit self absorbed.

I’d say 90% of the men in my life were self-absorbed.  The men who weren’t?  They’re the ones I still kick myself for letting them get away.

3. Ethan is selfish in bed.

I try to keep this blog pretty vanilla PG-13…but since I leave the “13” option in, I’ll just say that those 90% I mentioned above?  Yep, you got it.  Selfish AND self absorbed!

4. Ethan is loving.

There are those 10% (you know who you are because I know you read this blog).  I’m thinking of two past men in my life who are both happily married with adorable families who were loving, caring and super sweet during the tenure of our relationship.

5. Ethan is dedicated to his family.

For the most part, I’ve dated some wonderful men who had wonderful relationships with their family.  There was, of course, the momma’s boy who obviously hadn’t cut those apron strings yet (perhaps that’s why he was into MILF porn) but in general, I’ve met some wonderful family men.

You need to watch this film and learn about Ethan yourself.  Live in Boston?  Go see it at the Film Festival!  And this giggly girl is excited because Ethan Blumenthal – himself – will be there to talk about the film!  Ok, so it is actually Writer/Director/Actor Seth Fisher, but  girl can fantasize, eh?  Hubba Hubba!

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