How “What Not to Wear” Has Given Me Hope Again

I know what you’re thinking.  TLC’s What Not to Wear?  It’s so last year and its so off the air now.  But, I’m always a little behind the curve when it comes to basic cable shows because, unless they’re available on Netflix or Hulu, I don’t usually get to see them (says this internet-only “tv” viewer).  But recently, two seasons of What Not to Wear popped up in my Netflix queue so I spent the last two evenings binge watching it.

What-Not-to-Wear-450x300And, truth be told, I love this show.  I’ve always loved watching makeover shows and this one is the best because it shows how women – in all shapes and sizes – can transform themselves with new clothes, a new haircut and makeup.  It’s not a dramatic change but it often appears to be life changing for many of the contestants on the show.

I see a pattern in many of these women who are ambushed by their friends and family, swept away to NYC, and meant to embrace their new look in one week.  They justified their old frumpy looks by saying, “But it is comfortable” or “I rely on my brains for people to like me.”

Can you relate?  I can.

I cannot tell you how many times I told my therapist that I wanted a guy to be attracted to me for my brain rather than my appearance.  “But I’m smart,” I would tell her, “And they should like me no matter how I look.”

Ok, great in theory, but the reality is: the way you represent yourself matters.

I’m a little embarrassed at how often I wear hoodies.  And sneakers.  And jeans.  I’m 38 years old, so it is probably not the best thing to wear every Saturday and Sunday.  But it’s comfortable.

Yeah, but sometimes you have to step up your game.

I’m determined to wake up tomorrow, take a refreshing shower, and put on makeup.  And feel good about myself.

How about you?

2 thoughts on “How “What Not to Wear” Has Given Me Hope Again

  1. I love What Not to Wear too! I also binged watched it on Netflix the other day 🙂 It’s hard not to “step up your game” living in NYC, I so rarely wear hoodies/sneakers. The average New Yorker is pretty stylish!

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