A Year in Review (or the Virtual Christmas Card)

I’ve been hearing a lot of radio stories, especially on NPR, about the history of the Christmas card and specifically, the Christmas story, where someone takes the time to write a sort of “year in review” or retrospective of their past year and shares it with their friends and loved ones.  There’s been some criticism as of late of the virtual Christmas card – “too lazy” or “too impersonal” or “too braggy” but I like the idea because it allows you to share your story with a variety of people through the ease of email or, in my case, blogging.

So, I decided to take this moment to reflect on the past year and write my own Christmas story.  We’re going to call mine a “Year in Review” namely because I’m Jewish and because it’s more of an homage to my 39th birthday, which is coming up on Thursday (and yes, I’ll accept presents and tokens of your esteem).

And here we have it….my year in review….

2013resolutionsThis time last year was a very odd time in my life.  I had just quit my job and while I had been going on a series of promising interviews, I was technically about to be unemployed come December 31.  I had never quit a job without another one and while it was a necessity, it was also very nerve-wracking.

But I was determined to make the most of my time, so I did some quality volunteer work, babysat for friends’ little ones, read, visited my parents in NJ, and definitely did not wallow.  In fact, on my 38th birthday, I spent the day with a variety of friends taking advantage of all the freebies you can get on your birthday.

I had a free breakfast at Au Bon Pan with Ally; free burger at B.Good with Heather; and a free dinner at a local pub with Rebecca.  In between, I got a free gift at Sephora and a free blowout at the hair salon.  It was a blast!

A few days later I found out about the job opening at my current place of employment and the rest is history.  On January 28th, just few weeks after I stopped working, I began my current job and it has been a truly wonderful experience.  I really enjoy my job and I truly believe everything happens for a reason.

Since then I’ve been working hard, making some really wonderful new friends at my job – seriously, these women are fabulous – and feeling very satisfied at the end of the workday.

I’ve been blogging more and more for Single Sassy, picked up a lot more subscribers/Facebook fans/Twitter followers (hello everyone!), and started blogging for other sites as well.  This is such a blessing – so fun to write for an audience – and also very cathartic for my soul as well.

As you’ve read on the blog, there have been quite a few men that have come and gone from my life over the last year as well.  Some more significant than others, but no one has stood the test of time and my heart is open for that someone special.  In the meanwhile, I continue to date, flirt and continue to hope that the right person is out there for me!  Someone I know is setting me up with a Harvard professor so I certainly have that to look forward to!

Here are some memorable things about 2013:

  • A bunch of my single friends had babies on their own.  How empowering!  They didn’t have a man in their life, but they knew they wanted a child, so they did it anyhow.  Good for them!
  • My dad joined Facebook.  The man is 76.  He doesn’t use it but swears he will.  Viva 2014!
  • I dated someone who was 16 years older than me…..who was 16 years younger than my mom.  Weird.
  • My brother and sister-in-law celebrated their 10th anniversary.
  • I received my first offer for a paid blog post.
  • Three people very close in my life were all diagnosed with serious forms of cancer.  As of 12/16/13, one is cured and two are in remission.
  • And finally, I still wonder: why does the fox say?

I want to take this opportunity to thank you from the bottom of my heart for continuing to support me and Single Sassy on this journey over the past two years.  If you’re new to the blog, I welcome you and hope you’ll come back again.  There will be lots more in the coming year(s).


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