Winter Blues: Dating in the Dark

Friends, it’s January 16th, 2014 and for many of us, it’s the dead of winter.  It’s dark, damp, dreary, gloomy – certainly not the type of weather that makes you want or appropriate to put on “strappy” sandals, a cotton sundress, and go galavanting around the city with a young lad on your arm.  It’s the opposite.  In fact, on the last few weeks, I’ll admit that I stayed in my frumpy pjs almost all weekend, watched Netflix, and slept in on my amazingly warm flannel sheets with the shades drawn.  When I go out, I layer up with cashmere sweaters, wool socks, Ugg boots, scarves, gloves, and bulky coats.  Anything but sexy.

And many of us here in Boston get the winter blues.  We hibernate like bears, going directly from condo to car to work to condo until the snow thaws, and then we slowly venture out again when the weather hits the 50s.  We’ve had a weird winter, with arctic chills hitting below 0 degrees and then a random day of 60 degrees.  As a result, we have colds, sniffles, the flu, and don’t know when to wear those scarves and gloves.

It doesn’t make for an appealing dating season.

Couple making snow angelsBut for some reason, this week, I’ve gotten a handful of emails on Ok Cupid, and even commented to one of the guys that I’m surprised to have heard from him in the middle of the winter.  It’s nice to have a little romantic jolt or spark amongst the dismal dark days of winter.

I have a tentative date set for Saturday night.  We’ll see how dating in the dark goes!

3 thoughts on “Winter Blues: Dating in the Dark

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