I hope you’re not married.

imagesThe weirdest thing happened this morning.  Around 9:30am, my cell phone rang.  I was working from home and while I didn’t recognize the number, that didn’t surprise me because I expected work calls to come through on my cell, plus I’m in the middle of dealing with a flooded basement issue.

The voice was male and asked if it was “Joanna?”

I said it was, he quickly introduced himself, and while the name sounded familiar, I couldn’t quite place it.  He reminded me that we met at a networking event a while back – he stumbled upon his words – and he couldn’t remember the name of the organization that connected us.  He said, “I never saw you there again.  You never showed up again.”

I quickly realized it was for a job finding organization – I had been asked to come and network – but I had also just quit my job and was looking for a new one, so it made sense to be there.  But, a few short weeks later, I landed my current job so I didn’t need networking events anymore.  Hence, I haven’t been back.

I guess he had convinced me to meet him for coffee at a fun shop in Harvard Square (a huge step up from Dunkin Donuts, let me tell you – you have to read my most recent post from Singles Warehouse if you haven’t already).  He reminded me of the date.  I don’t even think I realized it was a date.  I think it thought it was a networking meet up.

Needless to say, we never talked again.

Until this morning, when he awkwardly called me and rambled on and on and on.

And he asked me a bunch of times if I was married.  And then he said, “I hope you’re not married.”

And he told me he remembers that I was really beautiful.

He was incredibly awkward, but I felt bad.  I said he should give me a call again and we could meet for a coffee.  Trying to keep an open mind.

15 thoughts on “I hope you’re not married.

  1. Dear Sassy, the earth belongs to those who are not too ‘nice’ to say ‘No thanks, that doesn’t work for me!’ Do you WANT to go out with a socially awkward man. If not then make yourself unavailable. There’s an open mind and then there’s wasting your sassy time pity dating. X

  2. Already sounds a million times better than the DD guy! I give him credit for working up the nerve to call you since some time has past…that can’t be any easy thing to do!

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