Single Sassy Runs on Dunkin’

So, if we’re friends IRL, you’ve been following my saga with the Dunkin Donuts guys on Facebook.  Basically, I met this guy on Ok Cupid who chose to take me out on first date to Dunkin Donuts.  Here’s my blog post about it from Singles Warehouse.  I know – douche bag.


I had already decided not to go out with him again.  Not just because of the DD date, but also because he lives with his parents, he doesn’t have a college degree, and frankly, he’s not my type.

He went away on vacation and texted me yesterday afternoon.  It’s been a week or two since our date over hot chocolate and munchkins.

“Hi” he wrote.

No response from me.

“Hi” he wrote again.”

Again, no response.

Apparently, he couldn’t handle the rejection.  He then wrote:

“Hey if you don’t want to talk just speak up and tell me that’s it.”

Where was I while these messages were coming in?

At my aunt’s funeral!

Geez!  He was so impatient for a response that he didn’t let me finish the shiva call at my cousin’s house before he assumed the worst.

I responded when I got back to my phone, which I had left in the car, by the way:  “I’m at a funeral.”

His response: “Ok, sry.”

If you’re interested in starting a relationship with a women, then:

a) Give her a chance to respond to your text.  Maybe I was in the movies and my phone was shut off?  Maybe I was on an airplane?  Or, maybe, just maybe, I was saying goodbye to my beautiful great aunt Dotty?

b) When she tells you she’s at a funeral, have the decency to, at the very least, spell out the word “sorry.”  Maybe even express your condolensces.

My assumptions seem to be right about this guy.

No class.

4 thoughts on “Single Sassy Runs on Dunkin’

  1. Oh no! Honestly that’s bad timing…

    Couldn’t agree more – take some time out and allow them to ‘respond’ to the message. Unfortunately technology means people expect an immediate response!

    1. I know – in this day, we expect instant gratification. Unfortunately, it doesn’t account for the funerals that we attend! I know he didn’t know I was at a funeral – but after 3 messages, I was, needless to say, put off. 🙂

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