Get Out of My Way!

I cannot seem to get out of my own way.

While I teach about online dating strangers in a classroom and help my friends polish their profiles, I can’t seem to get over the stumbling block to re-write my own and get back to online dating…or dating in general.

Instead, I play around at night with Tinder and OkCupid, innocently flirting with guys I have no intention of meeting.  It’s easy and not intimidating, because there’s no follow through required.  Click, smile, like, repeat.  Next.  Send a few “hello” messages.  Move on.

Tripping-Hazard-Caution-Sign-S-4413None of this will amount to anything of substance, not even a date.  I even have my friendly flirt who lives down the street and visits my profile every few weeks to say hi.  He flirts tirelessly for a few days, perks up my ego, and then disappears again.  I have my theories that he connects with me in between relationships or when he’s having a fight with his girlfriend.  Either way, it requires little to no commitment on my end.  It’s harmless flirting that will lead to nothing.

But, of course, we know what this all means.  None of this silliness will lead to a meaningful relationship or, frankly, to a date.

Why am I just playing around?

I’m having a series of outside issues that I’m dealing with that mess with my self esteem, and therefore, prevent me from being able to date.  If dating is like job interviewing, imagine trying to go on a series of job interviews when you’re feeling really crummy about yourself.  The innocent flirting is about all my psyche can handle these days.  It’s quite sad, really, because it ends up wasting months of my life when I could be meeting someone special.  What is that stupid saying – if you can’t love yourself, then who will love you?  You  are what you eat?  Something trite like that.  Basically, it just means that when you’re a person like me who wears her heart on her sleeve – and your heart is in need of repair – it’s hard to sell yourself to someone.

I’m stuck in my own way and can’t seem to get out.  It’s like I’m tripping over my own two feet over and over.

How can I get over this hurdle and start dating again?

3 thoughts on “Get Out of My Way!

  1. When I was “dating” I would find myself doing this as well some times. I would just message and flirt with some girls just because. I never thought of it from their perspective until I read your post. As I read, I was thinking about myself, when I really became serious about finding a long-term relationship and all of the women that stopped responding to me or even make the first move but then nothing else. Maybe they were just having fun as well. This isn’t to say you shouldn’t do this, but always remember there is someone else at the other end who might be genuinely interested and looking for something real.

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