SingleSassy’s “Soft” Opening

Get your mind out of the gutter.

SingleSassy is branching out and spreading the love to others in the dating world.  Instead of focusing on my own dating life, I’m going to take what I’ve learned in the world of online dating and share my wisdom (ahem….) with others.

comingsoon-in-star1And I am meeting with my first client tomorrow for SingleSassy’s soft opening!  For those of you whose heads are still in the gutter, a soft opening is a pre-launch of a business, to work out the bugs and kinks.  Eventually – hopefully this summer – I will be launching an official business with business cards & everything!  But starting out slow.

My first client comes to me from the class I taught back in February.  She has asked for a little extra help in writing her profile, so I am meeting with her tomorrow after work to tweak her profile.

And I may have recruited two more clients!

My philosophy is very clear:  I will not write someone’s profile for them.  We will work on it together, but it must be in their words.  I’m happy to finesse, edit, tweak, you name it.  But as a fellow online dater, I am so disappointed when I find out that someone else has written a potential suitor’s profile.  It feels like fraud.  My hand and head will simply guide my client, but it must be their words and thoughts.

There are lots of great matchmakers out there and others helping daters find their soul mates.  I’m still finding my niche, but right now, it is about supply & demand – I’ve been asked to help and I aim to please.

More to come!


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