“I Don’t Bite” and Other Pick Up Lines from Topless Men

d16c740ea6b451eaadbb4a998c4c9e90ffOh Ok Cupid.  You never fail me.

Today’s highlights include….

A 28-year-old man with a 10% match whose photo shows him topless with man-boobs.  He writes to me, “You can look…no touching though lol jk” with a follow up that reads “I don’t bite lol.”

Sigh.  Next.

Last week’s topless man, aged 29, and with a rather attractive top, but not so attractive face writes:


Ah, my favorite pick up line.  So thoughtful and original.

Then he quickly followed up by:

“Ur sexy.”

Why, thank you, ugly-faced sexy topless man.

And then the clincher:

“I wanna please u.”

Listen, man, who doesn’t?

And these are two of the many reasons why I don’t remove my profile from this website.  It’s so fun.

More later!


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