Steven’s Coming Out Party

891398_1430057067274292_1264976377_aThis past Saturday I experienced my very first “Coming Out” party!  My friend Steven (who recently came out to his family and friends) decided to have a formal party to embrace coming out as gay man living in New York City.  He invited me at least 6 months ago, stating that he wanted to have this party during Gay Pride Weekend.  Of course I’d be there, I told him.

10483611_329351443888270_1354815359_aAround 9pm on Saturday, I hopped in a cab to Boxers, a gay sports bar in NYC.  I got there earlier than most of the others attending the event, but quickly bonded with two of Steven’s friends, Michael and Mike, who he met during a gay volleyball league.

Michael and Mike were fabulous and gentlemen, possessing true social grace, getting me a chair, accompanying me on line to get drinks, and making me feel very welcome in a room full of strangers.  They were terrific and are already Facebook friends!  What I learned from them is that gay or straight, people are people, especially when you’re single.  Michael and I had some extensive and great conversations about what we are looking for in a relationship, and I have to tell you – they were really the exact same things – love, companionship, romance, etc.  We both agreed that no matter what your sexual preference was, it all came down to finding a decent person who treated you with respect.  We said that it is easy to find a sexual partner, but we want more than that.

I had a great time at Steven’s party at Boxers!  It was a blast – people were friendly, down to earth, and fun.  I’m proud of Steven and wish him a lifetime of happiness.  I can already see him transforming into the happy person I knew he could be.  Mazel Tov, Steven!

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