Summer Lovin’

grease_lIt’s July 7th and love is in the air!  No, really, the summer is the perfect time to fall in love.  There aren’t those jokes about summer flings for nothing!  The weather is warm – it’s the perfect time to stroll around in strappy sandals and summery dresses, arm in arm with your special someone.

It’s enough to make you barf, isn’t it?

But seriously, this is a great time to date!  There are so many opportunities to meet people.  I have been invited to so many BBQs, singles parties/weekends, mixers, you name it!  This is the time to meet someone special, right?  As I said to my coworker today when I told her about a singles event I’m going to this weekend (and I made a face as a described it!), “you’re not going to meet someone sitting on your butt watching Netflix.”  Ok, so you could technically meet someone watching Netflix while surfing or OkCupid, but you do have to actually GET OFF OF the couch to meet him or her!

I’m not going to get sucked into the vortex of my couch this summer!  I’m 39, cute, smart, fun, and flirty!  There is no reason for me to be a single woman if I don’t want to be, right?  Right!

Now that I’m done with my pep talk….it’s time to go plan my outfit!


P.S.  I decided if we were going for strappy sandals, we might as well go for the Jimmy Choos!


2 thoughts on “Summer Lovin’

  1. Can’t go wrong with strappy sandals for sure! Summer time is the Season of Skin and the more a lady can show (in classy fashion) the better for real men. This time of the year is when everyone reveals the hard work they put into the gym over the Winter and early Spring. It’s a great time of the year for fun and everyone who isn’t locked down with someone should be out and about. Can’t have fun on the couch unless someone is on it with you!

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