“I hope you’re working with children because you’re a kind lady.”

Remember this guy?  The one who hoped I wasn’t married?  He had called me last January on a Friday morning, I happened to answer my cell – thinking it was a work call, and it was this gentle voice on the other line.  Well, about 6 months later, he called again.  This time, I missed his call and he left a voicemail today.  I wish I could play it for all of you.  It went on for about 2 minutes, with about 45 seconds of it recording his “ums” and “uhs.”  In between the stumbling, he reminded me where we met and that we had, in fact, had gone out for coffee once, and that he would like to connect again for networking opportunities.

While he did, again, mention that he didn’t know if I was “married with children,” he said if I was, “perhaps, not married with children” that he hoped I was “working with children because I was such a kind lady.”

It’s funny because I don’t have children and I’m not married, but I do technically work with children (well, I fundraise for them and I babysit for them when their parents go to see Billy Joel at Fenway…I digress….).

He left his number and then repeated it.

I played it for one person and she thought he sounded coached.  I have a feeling he may be part of a program or lives in a facility, and I may be one of the contacts on his list who he is supposed to reach out to every 6 months.

He really is a gentle soul, but I’m going to have to pass this time on meeting up with him.  I do wish him all the best!


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