The Weekend: Singles Cruisers and Dating

heartFirst of all, welcome and hello to my new readers, subscribers, and twitter followers!  It’s an honor and a privilege to have you reading my blog.

Lots of fun things coming up to share with you!

This weekend is the unofficial Annual Boston Singles Cruise Reunion.  Severalheart2 hundred people who frequent singles cruises (to learn more about them, click here and here!) are all gathering in Boston for the weekend to celebrate, hang out, and tour the city.  Fortunately, I live here so I’m ready to welcome them with open arms.  I’m very excited because one of my Floridian friends is coming in for the weekend (yay!) and we’ll get a chance to catch up.  I always end up having a good time with the Singles Cruisers….they’re a fun bunch who don’t take life too seriously and know how to rock it!

3bcea7f90ac0c76083d3be70a80e4877And then, I just wanted to let you all know that amongst all my bitching about the lack of gentlemen out there – and their constant interest in texting, etc – I’ve found a nice guy!  We haven’t gone out yet, but we have plans on Sunday.  Our communication has been really nice, easy going, and he even corrected himself on a typo (a man after my own heart!).  Whether it works out or not on our date, I’m thrilled to have found someone who has good manners and hopefully good social grace.  Ciao for now!



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