The Reunion: Booze Cruises, Party Buses from Tewksbury, and Public Romance

It’s Monday evening and I’m desperately trying to hold onto the great memories of the weekend.  The Singles Cruise reunion was a blast!  I popped in and out of the reunion since I had to do regular life stuff, like go to the eye doctor and mail a FedEx package.  But I met up with everyone on Friday night at a bar in Boston, and had a really fun time reconnecting with old friends and meeting new ones.  Always a good time with the Cruisers.

boozecruisebostonSaturday night was the Booze Cruise.  We sailed around Boston Harbor on a party boat, chock full of cash bars and cover bands.  Our group made up about 50% of the people on the boat, and the others were a mix of local Bostonians who had taken a party bus from Tewksbury.  Many of them were “friends of the band.”  All of them were drunk.  I can only imagine how much beers was on that party bus!

Early on the cruise, I met a guy who was chatting me and a few other ladies up.  No biggie.  He was a local guy, friends with the band, and looking for a little romance.  Or so I thought?  We’ll come back to this guy – we’ll call him Sam – in a moment.

Meanwhile, I had a few beers and then moved towards the back to get away from the hair was apparently blowing in the wind and caught the attention of a guy named Charlie.  We chatted for the remainder of the cruise – he was quite intoxicated – and I pretty much heard his life story.  He asked me for my “numba” – Boston accent – and for a kiss.  I gave him my digits, but declined the latter, since I’m not into PDA, but it was flattering all the same.

While I was chatting with Charlie, my friend pulled me aside to “show me something.”  I thought she was trying to get me away from Charlie, but then I realized she was showing me something quite interesting.  Remember Sam?  He was leaning against one of the women from our group, who was pressed against the railing, having – how shall I say this? – ahem – intercourse.  Yep, he found his romance!  They were having public sex.

The wonder’s never cease.

I miss the Cruisers already!

P.S.  Had my date on Sunday.  He was a total sweetheart.





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