Give online dating a chance!

Admit it.  There are tons of reasons why online dating isn’t easy.  It takes commitment (often described like having a second job!), money (OkCupid and Plenty of Fish can be sketchy at times), and a thick skin (takes heart to ignore the foot fetishists and jaded serial daters).


But, in a recent article on the Huffington Post, author Francesca Hogi reminds of why online dating can be beneficial. I love how she states that it can help you learn how to flirt.  In my last post, I mentioned that I’m working with a few clients who are returning to the dating world after many years of marriage.  Unless they had a wandering eye, I can only imagine that having to flirt again is a challenge.  I found this great post on the AARP dating site (which links to “”) that gives seasoned adults some tips in flirting with the opposite sex! 

Hogi also points out that online dating might break some of your patterns in dating the same type of man (or woman, for that matter).  Do you always find yourself attracted to the same unavailable type?  One great feature about online dating is that you can specify your interests and do a search.  I personally encourage my clients and students to expand the search beyond what they typically think is “their type.”  For example, if I hadn’t expanded my geographic search when I was using eharmony a few years back, I never would have met that grey guy who lived in New Hampshire.  If you like road trips, then a little distance isn’t an issue.  (Thought I will say currently dating someone who lives 3 miles away is a blessing!).

I want to encourage all of you to give online dating a try.





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