Is she too old for him? Advice needed for a boomer!

UnknownDear Loyal Readers,

I need your input for my client, a 67-year-old divorced woman – she’s attractive, educated, in good shape woman – and we’re trying to figure out what is the right age range for her to date.  Last week, we emailed several eligible bachelors on JDate who were in her desired age range, which is 60-72.  She is really not interested in dating someone who is in his mid-70s or older, but is she looking too young?  We got a response back from someone who said she should be looking for men who are older than her.  And then, as we looked the men’s profiles who were 60-70, they were looking for someone in their 40s to 60s (good luck with that, by the way!).

What do you think she should do?  Should we look for someone in his 70s?  I’m not sure since this age group is beyond my scope of personal experience.

Any advice that I can share with her is appreciated!






4 thoughts on “Is she too old for him? Advice needed for a boomer!

  1. Appropriate advice for her would be to hookup with a man who is plus or minus seven her age range.

    Since society is still slow on the ‘woman is older than her man’ orientation, a +7 or -7 her age will give her a more favourable chance to meet someone who understands what love and genuine care means for a woman her age.

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