(Not So) Single Sassy update

AdobePresenterUpdateI’ve been storing up these blog posts in my head, so instead of writing several, I’m going to write a few blurbs to give you all an updated on life.

1. So, there’s this guy who has been calling me every few months and leaves me rambling phone messages.  I’ve blogged about him before – he’s most likely harmless – but he’s starting to bug me.  I answered once and he stated on the call that he hoped I wasn’t married.  He left a message again, more recently, and said the same, but this time, added in that he hoped I didn’t have kids.  This morning’s message, left at 8:30am, rambled on and on, as per usual fashion, but this time he said he remembered I was a matchmaker.  Oh good grief.  I might write about this stuff, but I’m definitely not a matchmaker!  I feel sorry for him but at the same time, I’d like him to stop calling me.

2. For some reason, I googled 3 exes this week.  I was just reflecting back on my dating history and was curious about these particular 3, who all had left some sort of mark on my life (not necessarily good, but regardless, a mark.  One recently moved to Vermont, one is completely off the grid, and the other one….um….wrote a freaky manifesto that you can order on Amazon.  It’s really disturbing and scary and all of that fun stuff.  Glad he’s in the past!

3. And finally, for those of you keeping score, I’m still dating the same guy since July.  I know, bloody miracle, right?  I’ve tried to keep this relationship private and off the blog – for the most part – and I have to say, I really like the fact that it’s started off that way.  I tend to be an over sharer (oh stop your laughter at the obvious!) so it’s refreshing to keep some things private.

Ok, that’s enough for now.  Writing this is keeping me from something very important:  watching the latest episode of America’s Next Top Model.

In the words of the great Tyra Banks, smize!


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