Dreaming of a night IN with LG, Ray Donovan, My Couch and….you?

So, it’s no secret that I’m a Netflix, Hulu, and TV lover in general. In fact, my grandfather gave me my first TV – a snazzy 9 inch black and white tabletop – before I turned the age of 10. No judgment, please, that I used to sit and watch Home Shopping Network. When I turned Sweet 16, I used the money I got from gifts to purchase a 19-inch color TV and – wait for it! – a VCR. I used to tape all my favorite soap operas when I was at school and then I’d come home and watch them for hours (when I probably should have been doing homework). I dreamt of being swept away by those dreamy soap opera actors. Ah Matthew Ashford. Ok, I digress.

I eventually graduated to a LCD flat screen, which is my current TV of choice, though I will admit that the color isn’t that great. A couple of nights ago I had the opportunity to watch TV on one of the brand new OLED TVs from LG. This TV seriously kicks some major ass, if I may say so, and I want one! Just think of how great Ray Donovan or the Gilmore Girls would look. I was thinking how great that TV would be when I have my girlfriends over for my Downtown Abbey Season 5 Premiere Party (get ready, ladies!).

lg1I took a bunch of photos from the LG event I attended, but I have to say that my iphone5 pix doesn’t even do them justice! In case you were wondering, OLED stands for Organic Light Emitting Diode, which describes the material that creates the unique light source in these next-generation TVs. Basically, by eliminating the need for a backlight, OLED offers an incomparable picture quality and design potential to conventional LCD TVs. LG was the first to introduce OLED TVs in the United States and is – awesomely! – the unrivaled leader in delivering this technology. I’m personally not surprised. When I went to get my new washer and dryer this year, every store clerk told me that the LG ones were the best. And who doesn’t want the best, especially when it comes to investing in cool new technology?

lg2I’m going to admit that as a non-profit employee, I probably can’t afford to buy the OLED tv right now, but I did ask the question, “Will the price of these TVs eventually decrease so they are more affordable?” The VP of LG, who was at the event, nodded with enthusiasm! I’m very pumped about that because I have no doubt that when I’m ready to replace my current TV, I will go for the curved OLED. I’m sold on that TV big time.

Ok, so dear readers and friends, my 40th birthday is coming up. If you were racking your brain about what to get me, may I suggest the LG OLED TV? I’m only partially kidding. You can save about $500 by getting it on Amazon.  And you can get it delivered very soon, which means you, me, and my couch will soon have a very hot date!


This post was sponsored by LG Electronics (@LGUS)

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