This is (almost) 40.

almost_40In 2 hours, it will be December 1st.  It will then be officially my birthday month, a few weeks before I turn 40.  Honestly, I feel numb to it.  I mean, I keep saying that I’m almost 40, but the reality is, I cannot believe I’m going to be 40.  When you’re in your 20s, you think 40 is SO OLD.  And when you’re 39 and 3/4, you think “40, eh?  It’s not so old, really.”

My hair stylist says I may be almost 40, but I’m very youthful and I should date younger.  Truth be told, I’m sorta tired of older guys.  They sometimes have issues when it comes to intimacy and I’ll leave at that, but you know what I mean.  If you don’t, email me to joannaonlinedating(a) and I’ll fill you in.  Wink wink.

I’ve changed my online dating settings to 30+.  I need someone who is vivacious and doesn’t want to sit on the couch every night discussing the latest Netflix and Hulu shows.  That’s fun to do on occasion, but there is a beautiful city called Boston out there and there’s no reason why we shouldn’t be exploring it together.

I pour myself into work mostly because I can, but the reality is, it’d be way more fun to pour that energy into a relationship.

So, here’s to almost 40!

How you doin'?

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