It only takes one.


Sometimes I forget that in a sea of available men, you only really need one to make you happy.

It’s been a while since I’ve dated.  I broke up with someone a while back and then jumped, 150%, into a work project that completed shortly before Thanksgiving.  I didn’t see any of my friends during my work event let alone date.

But it’s mid-December now and time to get back into the dating pool.

I rejoined OkCupid, Match.  And I signed up for speed dating yesterday.

Many of you who read my blog love to hear about the trials and tribulations of speed dating, so here goes!

Speed dating was called for 5pm, but I knew that it wouldn’t officially start until 5:30pm.  I arrived about 5:25pm and saw that almost all of the tables had a woman sitting at them, but no men.  I spoke with the women who was running the event and she said that there were 3 guys, but she was hopeful that the other 3 who had signed up would arrive soon.  By 5:45pm, we knew that they were no shows.

So, we had the option to leave and get a full refund, or stay and get a free speed dating.  I decided to stay and meet the 3 men that had shown up.  Why the hell not, right?

The first guy was chatty, friendly, but he invited one of the other women to join us on our “date.”  Basically, I took that to mean he wasn’t interested in talking to me, and maybe he had a 3-some in mind?  But seriously, I told him I preferred to date one-on-one (sarcastically, of course), and we chatted for our 6-minute date.


Next up was a guy from Italy who has been here in Boston for…wait for it….3 days.  He told me he was staying with a friend and I figured he was at speed dating to either get his groove on or find a place to crash.  We talked about Rome and gelato and..then…not much else.

The third guy seemed cool.

And that was that.  I decided to check off “interested” for all 3 guys because, as I told the woman running the event, “Why not?”

I put on my coat and wandered out into the streets of Boston.  Headed home, ate dinner, went to sleep.

This morning I awoke to an email that guy #3 and I matched!

As a wise Facebook follower said to me, “It only takes one.”  Amen!

How you doin'?

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