Milestones and Reflection

Several milestones have occurred, or are coming up in my life.  Time for reflection, I suppose.

10615354_10152920048264738_970665077643010753_n1.  On Friday, I turned 40.  After my initial freakout, I relaxed and embraced joining a new decade.  It was a great celebratory weekend, including visits from my parents, high school and college friends, former colleagues, you name it.  The photo on the left epitomizes the weekend:  many drinks, smiles, and celebrations.

2. is nearly 3.  I launched this blog in January 2012, and she’s still churning out posts about being single, sassy, and arguably sophisticated.  She’s been with me through ups and downs, including new relationships, breakups, job transitions, and everything in between.  And, yes, SingleSassy is female!

3. It’s almost 2015. That’s some crazy shit.  2015.  Woah.  Happy Almost New Year!

Friends and readers, have you experienced your own milestones this past year?  Please share them in the comments or if you prefer, message me privately.
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