Help the authors of “Relationships 2.0” with their kickstarter campaign!

Antonio Borello reached out to me via twitter and asked if I would spread the word about his kickstarter campaign.  While I haven’t read the book yet, I love the concept of it.  Here is their press release, which gives you the premise of the book as well as a link to the campaign.  —SingleSassy

When Dr. Antonio Borrello divorced Dr. Theresa Pavone, he knew his integrity as a marriage and relationship expert would come under fire. Three years after navigating the tumultuous “new world” of online dating, Antonio and Theresa did what any divorced couple would do – join forces and combine their experiences into a revolutionary new book. ‘Relationships 2.0: Finding Love in the Age of Social Media and the Mobile Web’ was born. To get the book into stores and donated to hundreds of libraries and shelters, the duo is urging heartstring-tuggers everywhere to back their Kickstarter campaign.

It may sound strange, unlikely or even absurd – but it’s true; one of the nation’s most trusted relationship experts has teamed up with his ex-wife to write about finding lifelong love.

What may sound even stranger is the admission that Dr. Antonio Borrello and Dr. Theresa Pavone are more qualified than anyone else to write such a game-changing resource; having taken their own relationship full circle, through divorce and head-first into the exciting yet intimidating world of digital dating.

‘Relationships 2.0: Finding Love in the Age of Social Media and the Mobile Web’ possesses the power to save any struggling relationship. For those whose love ties have already been severed, Dr. Borrello and Dr. Pavone provide step-by-step guidance on finding “the one” at a time when 90% of introductions take place digitally. The bottom line: while their own marriage didn’t work out, Drs. Borrello and Pavone are now working tirelessly to ensure that others don’t meet the same fate.


As a psychologist and relationship therapist for the past 15 years, Dr. Antonio Borrello has worked with thousands of people to improve and heal their most important relationships. His scientific background and passion for helping people led Antonio to become a recognized dating and relationship expert and inspired him to begin writing his first book. But then, Antonio had a problem – he found himself on the divorce register.

Antonio was forced to re-evaluate every aspect of his personal life and professional practice. After all, he would soon be a “divorced-marriage-therapist” with a huge credibility issue. And, like most divorcing couples with children, Antonio and his ex-wife Dr. Theresa Pavone struggled through a difficult adjustment period. Married or not, they were both determined to redefine their relationship and successfully uncouple. Through patience, understanding, hard work and a little bit of luck, Antonio and Theresa were able to develop a new co-parenting friendship that is mutually rewarding and beneficial to their children.

Two years after they both ventured into the exhilarating yet frustrating world of singledom, forced to now meet people via social media and online technology that didn’t exist when they first met, Antonio and Theresa are back at the same dining table to fuse their practical and professional experiences in this book.

Meeting people, communicating with them and dating them has changed radically in the past decade. Let Antonio and Theresa guide you through mobile dating apps, Tinder, online dating site profiles and making the bold transition from avatar to real-world date. You too can now understand why your relationships failed, how you can avoid repeating those same mistakes and find victory in the new world of digital dating.

This book is a Bible for those who believe in second chances; the ‘2.0’.

“I had a reputation as the therapist to see for those wanting to save their marriage, and then suddenly I found myself filling out my own divorce papers. I felt a bit like a teetotal wine sommelier, facing a huge credibility issue,” admits Dr. Borrello. “But, dare I say it, experiencing the full circle of dating, marriage, divorce and dating again makes me more qualified than ever before to help others find lifelong love.”

Continuing, “Theresa and I know that this book, particularly because of its unlikely premise, can save the relationships of millions and help another million find their forever partner. We also want to donate 500 copies to libraries and shelters across the country. But, if we’re going to get there, we need help.”

The duo have turned to Kickstarter to raise funds, with the campaign due to launch in early January, 2015. A range of exciting and exclusive rewards are available to backers, with interested parties urged to pledge while quantities remain.

For more information on the book, its authors and the Kickstarter campaign link, visit their Kickstarter campaign page at or the official website for ‘Relationships 2.0: Finding Love in the Age of Social Media and the Mobile Web’:

About the Authors:

Dr. Antonio Borrello is a nationally recognized psychologist and relationship expert who has worked with thousands of people to improve and heal their most important relationships. Antonio has built a strong follower base as @eDatingDr on Twitter and Instagram.

Theresa Pavone, Ph.D. is an inspirational author and an industrial and organizational psychologist, Theresa Pavone prides herself on improving relationships in the workplace with effective coaching and work-life balance. Theresa has spent the last twenty years as a professor and working with Inc. 500 companies.

Disclaimer:  I received no compensation to post about this campaign, but I have not read the book at this time.  I am doing this as a favor to get the word out for Antonio.



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