Guest Post: Dating 101 – Surviving the Jungle

Guest blogger Norah Martin tells us her tips for Dating 101: Surviving the Jungle.  SingleSassy agrees with the tips below – and should heed Norah’s sounds advice!

Here’s Norah….

Some of my friends say dating is the simplest thing in the world: you go out with a guy, have a couple of drinks, maybe a nice dinner, and if you like him, do it again. For others, it’s as stressful as visiting the dentist. Over the years, my girlfriends and I have come up with some general rules for surviving the urban jungle, here are some of them:

Things aren’t always as they seem

A realistic scenario is that you’ll get disappointed with the guy. It doesn’t matter how cool and interesting he might seem. People sometimes behave differently in company than when they are alone with a girl. Maybe he turns out to be boring, self-centered or is silent during the entire date. The bottom line is, be prepared and don’t get your hopes up. The date might go either way.

What if it goes downhill?

More often than not your first date will not go as planned. On average, the date might be just that, average. However, after you’ve sat through at least one horrific date where the guy is loud, rude and obnoxious, you’ll come up with a contingency plan. You can arrange for a girlfriend to call you during the date. If you’re having a good time, let the call go to voicemail. If you’re sitting on the edge of your seat looking for the exit sign, take the call, fake an emergency and politely, and hurriedly, leave.

Bring your own cash

You should always bring enough cash to pay for your own meal, drinks and transportation. Offer to split the check at the end of the date, and leave a tip at least, if your date pays for the meal. Be prepared to actually split the check, of course. Never expect your date will be the one who’s buying, and never order the most expensive item on the menu.

I want you, now!

Once in a while you may hit the dating jackpot and throw taking it slow out the window. Perfectly all right, of course! This is why you should always be prepared and have a good quality pack of condoms with you at all times. Guys will most often be without one, and the most important thing you owe to yourself is to be safe and prepared.

Be yourself!

Although it’s good to put a little extra effort into your appearance, it’s more important not to turn yourself into someone else. Even more importantly, don’t be afraid to tell him who you are. If you are obsessed with Mexican telenovelas, tell him about it! If he doesn’t like it, it’s better to know right away, than to have arguments about it five months into the relationship.

Careful with the texting

No matter how much you like the guy, don’t overdo the texting, the calling and the Facebook stalking. There are so many opinions out there about who should be the one to make the first move after the first date. It’s completely fine if it’s you, just keep it within limits, and keep it as casual as the date went. Even if he likes you, wants to be with you and is dying to see you again, he might get cold feet if you send him five texts, four emails and call him twice in twelve hours.

Remember that the most important rules about dating are the ones you make for yourself. Do only that which you’re comfortable with, keep in mind you’re supposed to be having fun, and never forget to work on the most important relationship in your life, the one with yourself. That’s the one you’ll be in for the rest of your life, after all!

Norah Martin

Norah Martin has been on some epic dates: she’s seen the good, the bad and the ugly. One of the worst dates she’s been on was with her future husband, which only proves her closeted theory that you should never write off a guy completely. Well, maybe not never.

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