Tonight, Tonight.

CaptureRecently, I told you about my breakup with Tinder because they were charging people older than 30 for their premium service. Now there is some competition brewing with the website, How About We, and their “tonight” feature.  I just read about it in an Observer article.  It goes beyond the constant swiping and matches you up with people who are interested in going out on a date tonight.  Listen, I can’t promise the intentions are always honorable, but it seems to me this may be a way to weed out the guys who send you pictures of their junk with the guys who are actually interested in meeting up.

Why am I really excited about this?  It also weeds out the people who like to talk online forever and never have any intentions of meeting IRL.  I’m pretty excited about this and am considering shelling out the money for a membership so I can try it out!

Stay tuned.  You, too, can join here.


How you doin'?

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