I’ve Lost that Lovin’ Feeling

How-to-loveI’m in a dating rut.  Between working my full-time job and taking on a part-time job and volunteering on some weekends & evenings, I have given myself little time to think about or pursue a dating life.

It’s self preservation, really.  It’s easier to pour oneself into work than to date.  Dating sometimes feel like yet another job. Somehow, I need to discover the joys of dating again so I WANT to pursue a relationship.

I was joking with my mom the other night on the phone about financial woes and she suggested I find a “sugar daddy”  (My mom is very level-headed and was only kidding).  I told her that no “sugar daddy” would want a 40 year old.

I think I’m caught up in my head about being 40 and over the hill.  I blame the media.  Ok, I had to blame someone.

If you have any tips on how to pull me out of the dating rut, I’m all ears…and I bet so are my readers!

How you doin'?

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