570116-shhhh-Stock-Photo-shhh-silence-silentWhile I was on vacation this past week, the popular dating website Ashley Madison was hacked.  Hackers said that they’d release the contact info of those who use it unless the site shut down.  Back in 2012, I blogged about this website.  While I know people on it, it’s not my thing.  It’s one of those things that scares me about marriage.  I wouldn’t want a husband of mine to be looking on a dating site for other women.  And, I wouldn’t want to date a married man either.  Call me old fashioned.

According to the hackers, they will “dribble” data from the site until it closes.

Is it wrong that it gives me a tiny bit of glee?

Updated on 8/27/15:  So the leak has happened and I take back my comment about gleefulness.  I don’t feel glee at all anymore.  I feel sadness for the men and women who are finding out the hard way that their spouses have cheated on them. Or at least created a profile for that purpose.  I don’t wish that on anyone.

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