New Chapter

After many bumps in the royou-are-the-author-of-your-own-life-story-you-can-start-a-new-chapter-any-time-you-choosead, I made the decision to resign from my job and focus my efforts on finding a place that is rewarding and makes me happy.  A small part of me is nervous, but more so, I feel liberated, empowered, and excited about what’s next in my life.  I’ve already been offered two part-time jobs so I know I’ll be just fine!

It’s also inspired me to jump back into dating.  Despite my rebelling against Tinder, I rejoined for a bit and have been chatting with a few guys.  So far, only one has said inappropriate things to me.  I figure that once you hit 40, the guys tend to be a little more decent.  It seems to be true (so far).  How has Tinder been for you?

So, here’s a toast to the next chapter in my life!

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