Gratitude Is…

downloadIt’s taken a long time for me to figure out what I want to do next in my blogging world.  I’m putting “SingleSassyBlog” to rest and beginning a new with “Gratitude Is…”

This new blog will focus on the good things in life: What are we grateful for in life, love, the world?  For years now, people have been encouraging me to keep a gratitude journal.  I will be doing this in the form of an online blog.

Sometimes gratitude is in the form of the small things in life, big milestones, or something in between.  We’ll explore all of this together.

Please stay with me on this journey.  Don’t unsubscribe because you’d prefer me to complain about the lack of available single men in Boston.  Instead, join me with new discoveries, relationship, jobs, and whatever else may come my way.

And, the look of this blog will be changing.  This is just a stand-in look to get me started.

So we begin.  Gratitude is….



How you doin'?

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