It’s a few days before Valentine’s Day and love is in the air.  For some reason, I am not dreading VD the way I used to.  In fact, I’m excited that there is so much love and ooey-gooey stuff in the stores.  Perhaps it is because I’m feeling good these days.

Tomorrow night I’m giving a big speech at a gala and while I’m excited, I’m also nervous. I had all the finishing touches love braceleton my outfit, but couldn’t decide what bracelet to wear.  So I stopped at the fabulous T.J. Maxx on my way home from work to check out their merchandise.

I wandered to the jewelry case and THE bracelet spoke to me.  It said “love me, buy me, take me home.”  And I did.  It looks a lot shinier and fun in person than in the photo, but you get the gist.

The woman behind the jewelry counter took the bracelet to the register so I could pay for it when I was done shopping.  I headed to the register and said, “There is a bracelet waiting for me.”

The cashier opened the box and said, “Are you buying this for yourself?  It’s so fun!”

I responded, “Yes.  If you don’t first love yourself, then no one else will love you.  Or something cliche like that.”

She laughed and told me to enjoy my purchase.

I can’t wait to wear it!



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