Knowing Your Limits


How’d your Monday go?  Mine went something like this:

  • Drive to Boston in bumper to bumper traffic, resulting in getting to your 10am appointment almost 30 minutes late.
  • Walk around Boston doing various activities like conference calls, dropping off packages at Trustees homes, you know the drill.
  • Drive to the suburbs and sit in Starbucks for several hours getting your regular 8-hours of work done in about 2 hours.  Mmmm expresso.
  • Drive back to Boston for another meeting.
  • Drive back to the suburbs – head to the library this time – and spend another 2 hours trying to get regular work done.
  • Finish workday around 6:30pm because your laptop battery is about to die.
  • Then, go do errands.  Return clothes that were too small. Grrr.Hitting the Wall
  • Eat some dinner at the creepy mall food court (though it was tasty).
  • Wander through Old Navy wondering why all shirts are either super cropped or super long.  Leave.
  • Get in car and realize that you have another 1.5 hours to go before you are supposed to be at your friend’s house to watch The Bachelor season finale.  I mean, we must know if he picks Lauren B or JoJo for peet’s sake!
  • Hit a wall.  Email your friend that you’ve hit said wall and head home.

Guess what I wanted to do most of all today?  Yep, watch the Bachelor at my friend’s house.  However, it’s the first day of daylight savings, a Monday, and I’m pooped.

Sometimes you just need to know your limits.

P.S.  Rooting for Lauren.




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