Good Mood

downloadI woke up this past Saturday in a good mood.

I cannot remember the last time that happened. I woke up, rest, and ready to start the day. I felt happy. As someone who has dealt with a mood disorder since her early 20s, this is almost a miracle.

Why, I asked myself? I think part of it was that my mammogram came back normal. It was the start to a long weekend. I was heading to a wedding – a happy celebration of love.

Feeling good, being in a good mood is unbelievable when you’ve been waking up feeling anxious and depressed nearly every day for the last 5 years.

I told someone the previous week that I thought I was going to die young due to all of my anxiety. I seriously thought it would kill me. Isn’t that a horrible thing to not only think but say out loud?

But I’m feeling more positive now, like I have more of a kick in my step.

At the wedding, I even made declaration that by the time my brother turned 50 (5 years), I would be in a relationship.




How you doin'?

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