Tell them you love them.

Earlier this week my dear friend from high school lost her mother. When I read this sad news on FB, my mind immediately flashed to the summers after our junior and senior years when I would bounce between my house and my friends’ houses, including this particular friend. So I saw her mom quite a bit then. She was a good mom to my friend, and my heart aches for her.

It struck a nerve, also, because it hit close to home. Needless to say, I called my mom that night when I saw the post, and told her that I wish I could put her in a “plastic bubble” and keep her at home. She said, “People can die at home too, Joanna.” That was such a typical matter-of-fact comment to come from my loving mom.

I think I’m feeling particularly clingy to my parents lately because of my burst of depression, which I’ve mentioned in my last few posts. They have become very helpful resources in helping me when I get into a dark place.

A few weeks ago I went through a pretty positive transformational experience – don’t want to get bogged down in the details right now – but once it happened, I called my parents to thank them for their support through the process, and I started crying while talking to them. We weimagesre on Facetime, so you could see my face getting red and puffy as we talked, and I cried. But I wasn’t crying out of sadness or fear. On the contrary, they were tears of gratitude, joy, and relief. I couldn’t help myself. It was an important release of pent-up emotion.

The point of all of this is….don’t wait to tell someone “thank you” or “I love you” because you get can’t the words out, or feel silly. Just do it. Move past the bullshit of everyday life and just do it.



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