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I went “social media free” for the past 5 days in order to improve my social life. Yep. Despite the term “social media,” I find that an overabundant use of social media can feel very isolating. You have “Facebook envy” – otherwise known as FOMO.

So, how did my experiment go? Amazing.

On Thursday, I had lunch with two of my besties. I didn’t need to take out my phone because there was no social media checking. I was off from work so I didn’t need to check email. My friend took a photo and asked if it was ok if she posted it, despite my social media break. I told her it was fine, but I wouldn’t see it or comment on it. She apparently posted it because a few days later, my mom said that she saw I had lunch with my two friends. She was not on a Facebook break, apparently.

After lunch, I went to Ikea to purchase a coffee table. No checking-in, no photos of the abundant candy. I drove home and relaxed, oblivious to anything superfluous from my 4,200 or so friends, followers, or contacts on social media.

On Friday, I slept and relaxed.

On Saturday, I went to the eye doctor and didn’t worry when she said she had to dilate my eyes. “No worries,” I thought. I don’t have any tweets, posts, or pokes to read anyhow.

I woke up early on Sunday – well, early for me – and headed to apple picking with my friend and her 5-year old son. We took silly pictures on her camera. I didn’t focus on photos too much, but rather, just enjoyed the moment. We went to Wegman’s and had lunch. I went home afterwards and watched some Hulu. I was pooped from a productive morning of apple picking, socializing, and not sweating the small stuff.

I hadn’t thought about what I was missing out on all weekend because all I knew was what I was involved in in my own world. It was lovely and had just enough in it to make me feel like I was productive, but also enough “veg” time too.

I spoke with my mom and she said the only thing I missed on social media was that my cousin got engaged. I told her I’d congratulate him on Monday, when I’d check my Facebook again.

I checked it today, wished my cousin a big “mazel” and decided not to review my 61 missed notifications.

It was a fun experiment which I plan to do again very soon.


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