Sunday Funday

Thank you to those of you who have reached out. It means a lot.

It’s Sunday and I’ve been busy working off & on all weekend to keep up with everything for work. My body and brain are pooped out. I have 4 “bumper to bumper” days at work and then I hop on the last flight out of Boston to NYC on Thursday so that I can accompany my folks to Sloan in the morning for mom’s surgery.

My dad bumped into his Rabbi this morning on a walk and filled him in on what is going on. See, my mom chairs the “caring” committee, so when someone is in this type of situation, guess who visits the family, brings them meals, drives them to appointments? Yep, my mother. So, what do you do when the chair of the caring network needs caring? I hope the congregants have learned by example!

My dad is so happy I’ll be there in the waiting room with him. He said that because so many people want to wait for her in the waiting room, perhaps the dr should consider moving to Lincoln Center? Such the jokester!

I’m doing laundry, trying to think about what I might need, and will plan to just bring a little bit of everything.

Yesterday I gave a presentation at Walden Behavioral Center, for a room full of people struggling with eating disorders. I had a chance to fill in my friend from MEDA about mom and dr’s suggestion to get bariatric surgery. She told me about a few people who’ve written about it, so I’ll be busy reading & researching next week. The thought of ditching my cpap and constant fatigue is appealing. But I need to be diligent about making sure it’s right for me.

Having this blog has been so helpful. Thanks for sticking with me.

How you doin'?

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