My mom is seriously a superhuman rock star. After 7 hours of surgery yesterday, she is alert, awake, and her old self (mentally).

I spent about 6 hours with her today at the hospital. She’s got color in her cheeks and we talked most of the day. I continued to play assistant to her as friends & family continued to flood in the calls & texts. I spoke with her Cantor, her friend the Nun, her best friend from her 20s, her former Rabbi, and more. Mr T checked in, of course.

Around 2pm I hit a wall and left shortly thereafter, strolling down 1st Ave towards our hotel. I picked up a NYC bagel & lox sandwich, and headed back to my room, which is a king suite tonight. We’ve had to switch rooms 3 times because we’ve been extending our stay, so tonight, dad & I live like “kings” in our suites. Tomorrow we economize and begin sharing a double room. I hope he can handle my plethora of cosmetics.

My brother and his posse went to see a musical matinee. They’ve had the tickets for months. I asked them to get me one for one night this week so I can have a few hours of the “NYC” experience one night. I may even hit up the Times Sq Sephora and M&M stores just because. They leave tomorrow so it’ll be me & Dad against the world for the remainder of the week.

How you doin'?

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