Day 2: Recovery Road

Mom is doing remarkably well. She didn’t sleep well last night because the attending doctor gave her Benadryl – which doesn’t agree with her – and she was very ornery this morning. She dozed off and on most of the day, so we told people who wanted to visit to give her some space today.

My brother and sister-in-law left to return to Boston, and they’ll return when I go home on Saturday afternoon.

Dad and I took a stroll in the late afternoon, got a nice lunch, and then sat in a park for a bit to get some fresh air.

When we got back, dad and mom both snoozed – mom, in her hospital bed, and dad, on the chair beside her. I observed and played games on my ipad.

Mom had some solid food – chicken and part of a smoothie (her fave). Guess who cut it up and fed her? My dad was touched that I did that. Just felt like the right thing to do.

Around 7pm we left and walked back to our hotel. We stopped in the bar and had a few drinks with some interesting guys. One is a principal of a school in Gary, Indiana, where he said the average student does not currently go to college, but he’s working on it. Amazing man.

Dad and I are sharing a room – I talked the hotel into upgrading us to a suite so we each have our own domain. He was amazed how little time I spent primping in the bathroom before bed. I told him I’ve become lower maintenance as I’ve gotten older!

So, we each popped our sleeping pills in the hopes we have enough energy to do it all over again tomorrow.

My brother picked up a ticket for a musical for Thursday night, so that gives me something to look forward to. And, Mr T will pick me up from the train on Saturday. It’ll be good to hug him again!

Goodnight and probably see you here tomorrow!

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