Day 4: Lucid

First and foremost, thank you for all of the support! It means a lot.

Mom is doing well today. She had one chest tube removed, and is a lot more lucid than the past few days. She’s dropping words here & there, but otherwise, her personality is there.

This hospital is amazing. Every staff member, every nurse, every orderly are kind, compassionate, and competent. They love hearing mom and Dad’s stories from Jacoby Hospital in the Bronx, where they met. Dad talks a lot about how much medicine has changed – how he was taught before cat scans – and it’s all teaching me a lot about my folks.

The outpouring of support continues. I wake up to texts, phone calls, and emails asking about mom. I appreciate it when people ask how me & dad are doing too. I’m honest. I tell them I’m exhausted but I’m also in awe of how strong my mom is.

As mom requested, I share her miracle story about how the cancer was found.

Did you all know that mom’s best friend – my second mom – Elaine was treated here too? She also had ovarian cancer. She passed away about 2 years ago. I still picture her with her warm grin and emoting personality, and I do believe she’s here with us in spirit. It’s been really hard for her kids to believe it’s now my mom dealing with this shit. Is it a coincidence or was it something in the water? They lived on the same street for years so it could literally have been something in the water!

If I wasn’t determined to raise money for cancer research before, you bet I am now. One of mom’s doctors went to the Technion. That makes me feel happy!

More later.

How you doin'?

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