Day 4: Spreading the Word

We’re slowly updating family and friends about mom, layer by layer. I shared this blog on Facebook because it’s a good way to keep everyone informed & up-to-date.

My cousin Pam visited tonight and it was so good to have her with us. She’s just an easy person to be around. She will likely return tomorrow.

Mom talked to several friends on the phone today, which was amazing. They got the scoop directly from the patient herself.

We left around 8pm, and stopped for Japanese food for dinner. Can’t say we’re not eating well this week. Dad and I discussed whether we should feel remorse for eating delicious meals, but we agreed that “we gotta eat.”

Fortunately, the 4-block walk between the hospital & our hotel has some good eats….and 3 pharmacies. I did not visit Duane Reed today for the first time all week!

It’s been a crazy few weeks. One visit to the doctor can alter one’s whole trajectory. The number of people who have been effected by cancer is staggering. It’s all of us. And now, my folks are asking me to look at myself & health differently so I won’t get cancer. It’s all a bit overwhelming.

Somehow life as we know it is forever changed.

Everyone keeps asking about Mr. T! We haven’t been dating long and I don’t want to scare the man away, so I’ll just say that his texts this week have kept me going! Thanks, Mr. T! ❤️


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