Day 5: Evening Update

Dad and I left the hospital earlier than usual but just as we were leaving, the nurse was coming to help mom walk so Dad stayed, and I left to pick up dinner. We had bagels with lox and cream cheese – our favorite!

Mom was very tired today, in and out of sleep. Her memory is a little foggy so we’ll be talking about something, and the she’ll fall asleep, and then reference something from months ago. I’m sure it’s all the meds they’re pumping into her healing body. As we all know, she’s a sharp-minded lady.

Mom’s friend brought her this delicious-smelling lotion from Kiel’s, so I put some on her swollen feet. My dad is now referring to me as “Pope Lite.” If you know my dad’s twisted sense of humor, you’ll get the reference. I just shook my head at him and said, “oh Dad.”

Tomorrow a few of mom’s close friends are visiting and then I’ll be heading to work for a few hours. In the evening I’m seeing “Come from Away,” which I’ve been dying to see! I can’t promise I’ll stay awake during it but…it’s a chance of scenery.

I still stand by the praise of Sloan Kettering. As someone who picked up CDiff at the (now closed) Quincy hospital, I appreciate a place that constantly scrubs the rooms, floors, and patients!

The doctor who performed her surgery – Dr Jewel – will be doing rounds tomorrow so hopefully we’ll get a chance to see her.

That’s about it for now. Keep up with the prayers and good wishes. We need ’em!


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