I’m back home and returned to work today. It was good to be back in the office for some normalcy. Had lots to catch up on and will be continuing to do so tomorrow. We have a 1/2 day so I’m getting a mani & pedi tomorrow! My back muscles are so tense so I’m getting a massage afterwards. Then, I head to Mr T’s for fireworks with friends.

I spoke with mom earlier and she sounded good. She’s starting to eat more and she asked me about my day, which I thought was a good sign that she could focus on other things. Her “going home” date is still TBD because they want to monitor her recovery a bit more. I heard from Ken that it’s starting to wear down my dad. This really hurts my heart because he’s such a good man.

My colleagues have been wonderfully supportive & I even confided in a wonderful donor (who is a breast cancer survivor) about what’s going on. She said she wasn’t surprised when I told her I had wonderfully-strong parents because “look at the daughter they have!” Those small comments really empower me.

It feels good to be back lounging on my couch after work. I’ve also begun the process of preparing for my bariatric surgery, which I’m pretty sure is going to happen. My consultation is scheduled, I’ve inquired how much sick time I have left, and I’m ready to get on with a healthier version of myself.

Ciao for now!

How you doin'?

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