July 12, 2018 Update

Mom is doing great. She’s happy to be at home, sleeping in her own bed, and has been feeling little to no pain. Dad is settling back into his routine – a bit changed, of course – and started posting photos again on his FB group. I’m headed there in a few days before I attended a staff retreat, conveniently scheduled in NJ.

I had an appointment yesterday with my doctor regarding my bariatric surgery. She asked me on a scale of 1-10 how ready I am, and I told her “10” with no hesitation. When I think about feeling better, it just makes sense. As my therapist said, “This isn’t a quick fix. It’s surgery.”

I’m busy reading scientific studies on the effects of bariatric surgery on people with pre-existing depression. So far, it looks like the surgery doesn’t tend to worsen depression, but rather, it stays the same or gets better. Most of the people who are saddened after the surgery have struggles about their relationship with food. This is why this process needs can’t be done in a silo – you need to make sure you have a strong support team in place, as well as the right medical team. At Mt Auburn, where I am planning to have my surgery, I am required to work with a surgeon, nutritionist, and therapist along with attend support groups. They also encourage a “lifelong” partnership, which I think is great. Next up, I meet with the therapist and nutritionist to get their feedback and hopefully, their approval to get the surgery.



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