It’s about 3am, and nothing says kick one’s insomnia like a blog post!

I’m at my parent’s place in NJ. Thank you to the 20+ visitors my mom had…. yesterday! I’m serious. The woman is popular and loved. She’s really enjoying having visitors because she’s fairly homebound as she recovers, and we both are social creatures.

I’m here also because we have a staff retreat for work. I’m really excited to see all of my colleagues! They’re an awesome bunch.

It’s hard being away from Mr T for another week, but we’re planning to see each other when I return home next weekend. After the retreat, I’ll spend a few more days here with mom & dad, helping run some errands, work, and hopefully squeezing in a few swims in the pool!

I’m also getting mentally prepared for my surgery, reading articles on how to dress for rapid weight loss and how to deal with eating post-bariatric surgery. I’m working on setting my expectations and how to handle any questions like, “wow, what’s your secret?” Or “you’ve lost weight? How?” If it we’re up to me, I’d have on an invisibility cloak so no one could comment on my body. As I said to a friend earlier tonight, “my body, my business.” Easier said than done.

That about covers it for now. Wish me luck on sleeping.

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