Calm After the Storm

Yesterday was stormy. I was in a bad mood and couldn’t get out of it. Something felt off. I left my office early, went home, and slept for about 5 hours. It helped me so much. Sometimes you just need to listen to your body.

I woke up this morning to storms. Mr T and I, through texts, agreed that the storms were somehow peaceful, calming. Then I stepped out into it and drove to the office, and it felt far less calming to me. I got to the office early for a meeting; it is amazing how productive one can be after resting.

Mom’s best day of the week is now Tuesdays, the day after chemo when she gets her peppy injection (not a technical term from the FDA). Wednesdays are harder because she has the peppy injection hangover. I need to remind her of this sometimes. And all of you – keep in mind that if you call her on a Wednesday, she may be more lethargic or napping more. But, by the end of the week, she’s usually ok again.

I am so excited that I have no plans this weekend except for dinner with friends. I love spending time with Mr T but I need this weekend to recharge from everything. Next weekend we’re going away for Labor Day and I cannot wait!

It’s funny – I’ve been hearing from people I may not have expected to be so supportive during this tough time, and not hearing from others who I would have expected to hear from. To those of you have been reaching out, thank you. It means so much. I may not always get back to you quickly – sometimes it isn’t the right moment for me – or I can’t switch gears.

I’m not ready for advice or other people’s experiences with bariatric surgery. I’m taking it in in small doses right now. Tonight is a group session at Mt Auburn and honestly, it is the last thing I want to do right now. But I have to attend 3 sessions prior to surgery so right now, it is just checking things off the list. So, for those of you who have offered to give me advice or input, I promise I will reach out when I’m ready. So far I think the surgery will be at the end of October or early November, so I’m just busy checking things off the list – doctors’ appointments, lab tests, group sessions, ordering powdered drinks. The only thing that really helps me through this process is my individual therapy, which is not a requirement for the surgery. We have to meet with the behavioral therapist twice – I’ve already met with him once – but he’s not my talk therapist. She is the one who will really be there for me (besides my family & friends, of course). I’m talking professionally.

Well, my salad is done so my brief break is over. Back to work. Ciao for now!




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