Day Off

Wow, I really needed today! Our offices were closed so I had time to catch up on things. I got my car inspected and detailed (it’s glistening!). I also went to the gym and met with the head trainer. He’s definitely a kindred spirit. Very smart and patient so he will be a good workout partner.

My bags are packed and in the morning, Mr T & I leave for our adventure in VT. We have dinner reservations at my fave restaurant there, and I’m even squeezing in a massage on Sunday. We have access to a nice spa with our hotel reservation, so I look forward to R&R along with our hike at Emerald Lake. Boots are packed!

In the meanwhile I’m also planning my trip to NYC for CurvyCon! Should be a very fun experience.

I also managed to schedule about 5 donor visits in 2 days next week!

Today was another good day.

Mom is hanging in. She’s been getting IV drips to hydrate her in between chemo visits so I think that helps. But she’s very tired. I seem to catch her when she’s in bed, resting. She keeps herself entertained with “Madame Secretary” on her iPad on Netflix. She’s been sleeping through her visitors. But she gets a full report from Dad. And their lovely friends bring them dinner almost every night. It’s wonderful. Today mom had challah with melted Munster cheese for dinner. Sounds good to me! One day at a time for mom.


How you doin'?

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