High highs & low lows

Talk about a day of ups & downs!

Today was mom’s birthday, and she spent it weak & in bed. She wasn’t up to taking calls so I caught up with a few people who reached out to me to check up on her.

One was a close family friend who is also a rabbi. We had a deep, meaningful conversation about dealing with parental mortality. We laughed, I cried. It pushed me towards the direction that I need to have some difficult conversations with my mom. I’ll leave it at that.

I realized that both my parents need support ASAP so instead of leaving Saturday, I’m heading to NJ tomorrow after a few morning meetings.

In the middle of everything, I secured my first 7-figure gift (bequest, actually) for my job. Guess I work best under pressure?

And, later, Mr T came over. I cried as I told him about my day, and he just came & put his arm around me. It was all I needed. #keeper

Now, I know you’re all wondering with baited breath: did I buy the makeup brushes? No, but I did pick up a few cupcakes with sprinkles for me & Mr T. Cost less than 10 bucks. They were delish. I did, however, finally purchase the Alex Woo necklace I’ve been eyeing for years. I gave up this week’s house cleaning so instead, I invested in new jewelry.

How you doin'?

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