Caffeine is my friend

It’s 12:11am. Thank goodness it’s a new day because 11 minutes ago, I was finishing up a real doozy.

I left for NJ around noon after racing to get as much work done as possible in the office. The ride wasn’t too bad – I stopped 3 times to get caffeine & respond to work emails. #dedicationtomycraft

I wasn’t sure what I’d see when I arrived at my parent’s place. Was mom going to look emancipated and weak? To the contrary, she had color in her cheeks and strength in her voice. Regardless, I saw her & burst into tears. Like, sobs. She grabbed my hand and cried with me.

We had some serious and not-so-serious conversations – like what show season premieres we were watching on Hulu. She’s already seen New Amsterdam – not me yet!

I had dinner & then sat on the couch with dad. We kept saying we were off to bed, and then another hour would pass as we talked through very hard “grown up” things. I cried a lot. I told him I was sorry for crying so much but, that, ” it was just coming out.” He said it was ok.

Finally we said our good nights.

So now I lie here with my thoughts, waiting for my dreams to begin.


How you doin'?

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